Join the Helix community: where innovation meets excellence.

Helix Healthcare Group presents an enticing opportunity for General Practitioners and medical professionals looking to expand their business and service a growing community.

Join the Helix community: where innovation meets excellence.
Why join the Helix community?

Our goal is to help you grow your practice and support you in providing essential services to a greater network of patients.

First-class support services

At Helix, we make things incredibly easy for you. You will receive the best support across multiple areas including management, finance, legal, IT and administration. This allows you to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Equity opportunities

We believe that you, the very life-blood of our centres, deserve an opportunity to reap the rewards of your hard work to the fullest extent. Our financial model is inclusive, and uniquely allows GPs to join in ownership of the centres.

Attractive remuneration potential

You can be confident that your dedicated servicing of the community will be rewarded. Our high-flow health centres will grant you access to a vast network of patients and provide you with the opportunity to scale your practice rapidly. Additionally, we will facilitate the migration of your existing patients so you don’t feel like you’re making any sacrifices.

Flexible working conditions

At Helix, we are under no illusion that all medical professionals are the same or that they all operate on identical schedules. That is why, with our extended centre operating hours, you will have the ability to choose the times you work. You will also have the autonomy to select between bulk or private billing, and walk-ins or appointments.

Helix Healthcare Integrated Services Model

Our integrated services model encourages referral and collaboration across all areas of healthcare.

We equip medical professionals with the tools they require to effectively perform their roles.

General practitioners

Helix offers GPs the support and stability to build out their practice and sub-specialties. Our centre model encourages strong financial reward by giving GPs the flexibility to cater to both walk-in and appointments, the choice of bulk or private billing and support to migrate existing patients and grow their business.

  • Private Consulting Suites

  • Treatment Rooms

  • Doctors Lounge

  • Luxury End of Trip Facilities

  • End-to-end operational support


We invest in new technology and state-of-the-art facilities to support specialists to stand out in their field. Our centres foster collaboration and referral across a wide range of clinical disciplines, helping specialists to reach more patients and build out their practice. Specialists can enjoy the benefits of being part of a thriving healthcare community, whilst remaining in control of their own practice.

  • Private Consulting Suites

  • Treatment Rooms

  • Doctors Lounge

  • Luxury End of Trip Facilities

  • End-to-end operational support

Allied health professionals

Collaborate with other medical professionals to cater to a diverse patient base and achieve optimal patient outcomes. Our private consulting rooms are designed to suit a wide range of healthcare needs and our modern facilities ensure that your practice stands out.

  • Private Consulting Suites

  • Rooms available to suit individual needs (pilates, rehab classes etc.)


We put dentists in control of their own practice: from flexible operating hours to choosing your preferred billing model. High visibility and multi-disciplinary centers drive up new patient numbers and our expanding locations gives dentists the opportunity to move or grow their practice.

  • Private Consulting Suites

  • Treatment Rooms

  • Doctors Lounge

  • Luxury End of Trip Facilities

  • End-to-end operational support


We support physiotherapists to provide the highest level of healthcare to their patients. From pilates to rehab classes, our private consulting suites and modern facilities cater to a diverse range of individual needs.

  • Private Consulting Suites

  • Rooms available to suit individual needs (pilates, rehab classes etc.)


Our private pathology rooms are equipped with modern facilities and high-quality lab equipment. Our support team manages patient enquiries, bookings and collection services to ensure that your practice runs seamlessly at all times.

  • Private rooms for pathology testing

  • Consultation services and collection services


Pharmacists are given the opportunity to collaborate with GPs and other medical professionals and benefit from the strong patient flow at Helix centres. High visibility and multiple centre entry points ensures that our pharmacies are both front of mind and easily accessible to the public.

  • Accessible from various entries

  • Clean and safe environment

  • Dispensary/storage

  • Client waiting area

  • Private area

  • Directly accessible for general public

  • Well maintained building


Helix invests in the technology and facilities required to deliver first class radiology services. Utilise our strong market presence, high patient numbers and centre cross-referrals to grow and expand your practice.

  • MRI

  • CT

  • X-ray

  • Ultrasound

Helix is the future of healthcare

At Helix, we know that what we do works. Multi-disciplinary healthcare centres are the future of community health. That’s why we are expanding our centre locations to reach more Australians. Every new centre will be strategically located to facilitate high patient flow and practice growth and will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Become a part of our collective mission to provide innovative and accessible healthcare across Australia.

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